Serdica Propertieis REIT

“Serdica Properties“ REIT is joint-stock company of special purpose vehicles which under the procedure and conditions of the Law on special purpose vehicles (LSPV) performs activities of cash investment raised by issuing securities in real estate properties (securitization of real estate properties).

„Serdica Properties“ REIT was established in December 2006, entered in the Commercial Register kept by the registry Agency to the Ministry of Justice having UIC 175187173

„Serdica Properties“ REIT have obtained license to perform its activities as a company of special purpose vehicles - securitization of real estate properties by the Decision No 45 – FVCs of 17.01.2007 of the Financial Supervision commission. With the Decision No 660/16.05.2007 of FSC “Serdica Properties“ REIT is entered in the register of public companies and other issuers of securities kept by FSC. Since 28 May 2007, the company’s shares are trading at unofficial market of BSE – Sofia.