Serdica Propertieis REIT

The Corporate Governance of "Serdika Properties" is REIT based on the following principles:

  • Ensuring a good governance of the Company by the Governing Body and effective internal control
  • Protection of shareholders' rights and conformity with the concerned parties
  • Disclosure of information and transparency

In 2007, the Company has prepared a Program for good corporate governance based on the principles of good corporate governance of the OECD.

In October 2007 was adopted a National Corporate Governance Code.

In March 2008, "Serdika Properties" REIT declared to the Financial Supervision Commission and Bulgarian Stock Exchange - Sofia that accepts and will adhere and comply with the principles and best practices introduced by the National Corporate Governance Code, conforming to internationally accepted and implemented corporate governance principles of the Organization for economic cooperation and development (2004).

National Corporate Governance Code applies on the base of "comply or explain" principle. Information is presented in the Report of the Board of Directors of the Company at the Annual Financial Statements.