Serdica Propertieis REIT

Bank depositary stores the cash and the securities acquired with the temporary free funds, and performs all payments of company and has specified control functions on its operations.
Bank depositary of „Serdica Propertieis“ REIT is Raiffeisen Bank (Bulgaria) EAD, with seat and business address: city of Sofia, Sredetz district, 18-20 Gogol street ,
Website: Raiffeisen Bank

Servicing company, approved by Financial supervision Commission by a decision No 30 – Special purpose investment company of 8 January 2009, and by the decision No 266- Special purpose investment company of 18.03.2009 as disposing with the required organization and resources of “Serdica Propertieis“ REIT is “Serdica properties Consult“ EOOD.

“Serdica properties Consult“ EOOD is entered in the Commercial Register of the Registry Agency with UIC 200442173, with seat and business address: city of Sofia, Triaditsa district, 19 Kurnigradska street. The sole owner of its capital is “Serdica Propertieis“ REIT.

According to the contract concluded between “Serdica Propertieis“ REIT and “Serdica properties Consult“ EOOD, the servicing company shall be obliged to service the real estate properties possessed by the “Serdica Propertieis“ REIT (operation, maintenance, management, improvement performance), to keep and store the accounts, to provide legal servicing, as well as to perform all necessary activities for the company’s normal operation.

The Real estate property valuator of “Serdica Propertieis“ REIT is “Otsenitelska grupa” ООD, with seat and business address: city of Sofia, Triaditsa district, 28 Dospat street entrance A through the independent valuator Ventsislav Mitkov Stanislavov having license for real estate property valuation No 6732 of 06.03.1998 by the Privatisation Agency.

At the discretion of the Board of Directors, the company may assign valuations of real estate properties to other valuators.

The Auditor of “Serdica Propertieis“ REIT who has verified the financial statements of company for 2015 is Snejana Basheva, diploma No 0507, a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants.