Serdica Propertieis REIT

“Serdica Properties“ REIT possesses significant portfolio of real estate properties all over the country – different in type , use and location. “Serdica Properties“ REIT has largest concentration of property in the office building segment.

Under the conditions of highly competitive sector, the strengths of “Serdica Properties“ REIT are:

  • Diversified portfolio with building stock both in Sofia and all over the country
  • Long-term contracts signed for renting of bank and administrative office and residential premises which ensures relatively stable revenues even in the conditions of global crisis
  • Servicing company with the required organisation and resources on servicing, maintenance, management and development of real estate properties provided from the company’s portfolio

The management of “Serdica Properties“ REIT has set a goal to preserve not only the material but also the cultural value of emblematic buildings belonging to the company but also to preserve and improve the results of “Serdica Properties“ REIT activities..

“Serdica Properties“ REIT shall perform and follow the investments targets given below:

  • To offer the opportunity to its clients to invest in diversified portfolio of real estate properties acting on the risk-sharing scheme for its shareholders;
  • To ensure for its shareholders retention and increase of their investments value through generating stable income at balanced risk-sharing scheme.