Serdica Propertieis REIT

On 21 Feb 2019 "Serdika Properties" ADSIC sign agreement with "Infostock" AD, registered at commercial register part of Registry Agency with UIN 203104650, with headquarters and management address: Sofia, 1303, "Todor Aleksandrov" bul., No.109-115, 9 floor, Bussiness building "TAO", according to this agreement, "Infostock" AD will provides for a fee to "Serdica Properties" ADSIC abbility to publish on web site: regulated and other information about holding according to ZPPCK and regulation No.2 from 17.09.2003 about prospectuses for public offering and admission to trading on a regulated securities market of securities and the disclosure of information by public companies and other issuers of securities.
"Infostock" AD is internet media company - media according to article 43.a, paragraph 2 from regulation No.2 from 17.09.2003 of The Financial Supervision Commission, with e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.